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How can Jiffler Mixers® help you?

Designed for laboratories, contractors, craftsmen, and hobbyists, these scientifically designed Jiffler Mixers ® have no equal for rapid and thorough mixing of paint, epoxy compounds, industrial coatings, waterproofing materials, ceramic casting slip, ceramic thin set martar, drywall mud, plaster, etc... The unique shearing four-way counteraction gives fast and complete dispersion with no splash.

What do you get from a Jiffler Mixer?

  • Adustable wheels to control air from mixture
  • Easy to clean
  • Scientifically engineered dispersal wheels - upper wheels pull down, lower wheels cut up, holes and slots disperse soluble lumps
  • All steel construction
  • No-slip-in-chuck shafts
  • Balanced wheels to eliminate excess bearing weight in power unit

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